Top Reasons Why Video is Important in Digital Menu Board Campaign

a cafe with big white wall and digital menu board
A video is worth a thousand pictures. Just like every other business, restaurants and cafes want to boost their sales. Here come the menu board videos to help achieve more in marketing and sales.

You might have heard a saying of Fred R. Barnard; “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but the digital revolution in the last few decades have turned the cards, and a new saying can be modified to a personalized message: “A video is worth a thousand pictures.” Here come menu board videos to tell a story in your busy venue.

Just like every other business, restaurant businesses want to boost their sales. Sales don’t come easy way, so modern businesses now prefer digital menu boards instead of old school cafeteria boards. 

Following are the top reasons why video is important in your digital restaurant board campaign: 

Having a Video On Your Menu Board is A Customer-Centric Approach of Selling

Yes! A business grows if and only if its marketing campaign is customer-centric. A customer will only purchase if he understands the product, which can only be achieved through a video. An online survey proves that customers make their minds to purchase if they quickly get to see the product’s main idea. A picture doesn’t serve that purpose. People prefer watching a video on digital menu boards to make their decisions. Trying to understand the purpose of a message on a static card is useless and time taking.

Videos Trigger Emotions While Pictures Just Work As Placeholders

 Being a business manager, have you ever imagined why people buy from you? Let me make it easy for you; they purchase to solve their problems, and the solution to that problem can only be offered convincingly through a video. A mixture of emotions, moving pictures, and customer-centric video content can trigger your customers’ emotions, and these emotions will surely lead to sales. 

Let me break down this message for you; a person only purchases to solve one of the two problems: Either he wants to get relieved from pain or is looking for something to joy.

And your video can trigger proper emotions for the potential customer; for example, if a customer is looking for a quick meal and your digital board is playing a video of a full meal that can be prepared quickly and a bunch of people are enjoying that meal, do you think he will not make up his mind to order instantly? 

Menu Board Videos Generate Better Sales As Compared To Still Images

First thing first; videos educate people better than an image can do. An image can offer limited information, education or a message. While on the other hand, a video can deliver a complete message mixed with emotions, attracting visuals and engaging content. People tend to watch videos for a longer period, but that’s not the case with images. People pass by with just a glance of the image, and it doesn’t serve the main purpose of marketing.  

Print Media Is Expensive And Old School

All stakeholders who are involved in digital marketing anonymously agree that print media is costly because every time a company needs to run a new ad campaign; it is compelled to re-print their ad messages, which cost extra marketing budget, but this is not the case when it comes to video ad marketing. Video ad marketing needs a video and a device to plug and play it on the digital signage. 

Replacing Old Items with New Ones Become Easy

With paper menu cards, it isn’t easy to replace the old menu with new ones. If a restaurant feels that their old item needs to be replaced with new ones, they need to re-print the new menus, and it can be a time-consuming process and an extra printing budget. Video plays an important role in your digital menu board campaigns. You need to replace the new video with the old one. It can be done pretty easily if you use Nano-PC 3 device, which is a plug-and-play invention by KuuSoft. 

Customer care is everything. Videos carry a brand image. You don’t want to destroy your brand image with old menu cards with static images on them. 

Flexibility is Only Possible With Digital Menu Boards – Dayparting 

Your restaurant is the center of attraction in the city that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner deals; you change menu cards depending on the time of the day but don’t you think it can be made a lot easier? If you install a digital menu board and change your items within a few seconds? 

You can switch to a new digital restaurant display whenever you want. You can even automate your digital board, and your menu will switch automatically based on the time of the day. 

Menu Board Videos Solve Many Problems 

It’s time to say goodbye to card-based static menu cards; no hard feelings because technology always wins!

 Video not only solve a customer’s problem but also plays an important role in solving your problems as a business. You don’t need to hire graphic designers every other day to get still images designed and sales graphs remains a flat line. 

Unlike pictures, videos on digital menu boards leave a long-lasting impression of your brand on your customers and they tend to remember more things about your brand than pictures. 

No Doubt Videos Solve Problems, but Sometimes Even Videos Can Have Technical Problem…

Errors will be there where technology exists, and videos on your digital signage are no exception. NexSigns has resolved this issue, and now you can reboot your digital display online. Your technical or in-house IT team can easily reboot the display even when they are not physically present there, and it is done using an online portal offered by NexSigns Digital Signage. 

We offer a complete package of solutions to restaurants; for example, our easy plug and play Nano-PC 3 device will play your video messages on digital menu boards without extra hassle. It couldn’t have been that easier without our simple yet powerful Nano-PC 3 device.  

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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