The Benefits of a One-Stop Shop for Digital Menu Boards

An employee takes the order of a customer at a quick service restaurant with NexSigns digital menu boards

The digital menu boards is the latest trend in restaurants across the world. It is an efficient way to set up and display your menu so that it is accessible to customers. There are many advantages to making use of a digital menu board. For example, they are a way of ‘going green’ and saving on paper and cardboard.

There is also a money saving element. It may be an expensive outlay to move from hard copy to a digital menu board system. But given the fact that you’ll no longer need to have printing done and menus delivered, you’ll save in the long-run. When your prices change as prices inevitably do, a few clicks of a button can update your digital menu board. If you have hard copy menus, it means throwing them away and starting again.

Having a Well-Designed Menu Board is Important

Some restaurant owners make use of programs that allow them to create their own digital menu boards. While this may sound like a cost-saving measure in the short-term, it has its own pitfalls. A restaurant owner is an expert in preparing and serving food. He/she is not a graphic designer. Nor is he/she an expert in using computer systems.

A digital menu board that is not well-structured and carefully laid out can put customers off. A digital menu board that you cannot update constrains you to a possibly poor design. That’s why it’s advisable that restaurant owners hire a graphic designer with a background in digital menu boards to help them. The expense of such a contract will be recouped with more foot traffic in your restaurant owing to a good digital menu board.

You could employ different people and companies to carry out the different steps to create your restaurant’s digital menu board. But such a decision has the potential to leave you frustrated, and without the digital menu board, you wanted.

It is better to engage the services of one organization that will do the work from the first step to the last. These total digital menu service providers have all the experts you need under one roof. Look for one that has a proven track record and positive customer reviews. Here are some of the reasons this is your best course of action:

1. It’s a more efficient process

If you make use of the services of one company, the process is likely to be more efficient. The process of getting a digital menu board is made up of a few components. The first is the design team. Next comes the IT team that makes a vision a reality with the text and images the designer included.

Finally, there is also an after-service team that provides a support and troubleshooting function. If you decide to use 3 separate companies to perform these functions, there will be a lag time between the processes. The company doing the IT work may only be able to help you 3 weeks after the design team is finished. When you sign a contract with one firm, the functions are dealt with as one continuous process.

2. You seek support from one person

There will be a point person overseeing the whole process from start to finish if you hire one firm to make your digital menu board. There will be no need for you to talk to several people trying to get a handle on where the process is.

You can’t be bounced around from one person to the next in an effort to get answers. This will definitely make the process less complicated and stressful for the restaurant owner.

3. There is strengthened after-sales service

If you’ve worked with one organization to get your digital menu board, they will want to ensure repeat business from you. This could include additional digital menu boards and digital advertising.

The firm will also be the first one you call if you want to make amendments or additions to your digital menu board. To this end, the company will provide you with good after-sales support. You will have a resource for troubleshooting if your menu boards aren’t working properly.

4. Compatibility

Using one company to source the digital menu boards themselves and another to do the IT work can lead to compatibility problems. Either the entire project will be a bust, or you’ll spend more money and time trying to rectify the problem. If you rely on a different company for technical support, they may not be able to assist you with your digital menu boards.

The program they work with may be different to the program your digital menu board runs on. That’s why sticking with one total digital menu service provider makes more sense. It will be more cost-effective in the long run than using multiple providers of different services.

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