Kuusoft’s Digital Menu Boards for Sankranti Indian Kitchen to Elevate Culinary Experience

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Kuusoft’s Digital Menu Boards for Sankranti Indian Kitchen to Elevate Culinary Experience

Indian cuisine hotspot, Sankranti Indian Kitchen, partners with tech firm Kuusoft, enhancing customer interaction through advanced digital solutions.

Burnaby, BC (November 24, 2023): Sankranti Indian Kitchen has embarked on a technological journey with Kuusoft, a frontrunner in digital signage and software solutions. This partnership is about integrating cutting-edge technology in the restaurant industry, ensuring a dynamic and interactive culinary experience for patrons in Atlanta.

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Sankranti Indian Kitchen has carved a niche for itself, offering an array of Indian dishes, ranging from flavorful Curry Bowls to savory rolls. The collaboration with Kuusoft is poised to transform the way customers interact with the menu and promotions, marking a significant upgrade from traditional methods.

The decision for deal was initiated by Srinivas Nimmagadda at the Sankranti Indian Kitchen restaurant. The implementation of Kuusoft’s NexSigns digital menu boards and Nano-PC 3 is a strategic move. It is aimed at enhancing customer engagement through visually appealing digital displays that showcase the restaurant’s diverse menu and ongoing promotions.

Prior to this upgrade, Sankranti Indian Kitchen relied on a conventional USB stick for their menu board. However, this method posed limitations in terms of flexibility and immediacy of content updates. The integration of NexSigns addresses these challenges head-on. The user-friendly interface, coupled with remote content control, allows for real-time updates, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest offerings.

Using NexSigns digital menu boards and media player is a step towards redefining the customer experience. The vivid displays with up-to-date information are expected to attract and retain a broader clientele, catering to Atlanta’s diverse population.

Moreover, the shift to digital solutions by Sankranti Indian Kitchen is reflective of a broader trend in the restaurant industry, where innovation is not confined to the kitchen. In an age where customer engagement is important, embracing digital signage with flexible features is a testament to a restaurant’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

The partnership with Kuusoft is more than a business transaction. It is a clear indicator of Sankranti Indian Kitchen’s dedication to providing an unparalleled dining experience. Kuusoft’s Nexsigns helps integrate state-of-the-art technology into restaurant operations and support marketing initiatives.

The collaboration between Sankranti Indian Kitchen and Kuusoft shows how traditional culinary art can harmoniously coexist with modern technology, creating a unique and memorable experience. As this collaboration unfolds, it sets a benchmark for others in the industry.

For more information on NexSigns and its offers, please visit https://www.kuusoft.com/nexsigns/.

About Kuusoft Corp.: Founded in 2002, Kuusoft Corp. is a digital menu board and digital signage solutions provider. Kuusoft develops innovative digital signage software and hardware. The company aims to make solutions for all business sectors worldwide.

To learn more, please visit www.kuusoft.com or call 604-639-7055. 

About Sankranti Indian Kitchen: Sankranti Indian Kitchen was founded to make a mark within the restaurant industry with Indian food. It brings culture and abundance of Indian hospitality to all the guests and shares the celebration of food.


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