Wait — Single Queue System (General)

Smarter Customer Queue Management System for Retail & Grocery Store

Discover the industry’s most cost-effective, turn-key queue management system that works with any device.

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Serving tables and parties of multiple sizes?

Check out Wait Multi-Queue solution!

The Best Way to Manage Your Lineup

Provide your customers with the most intuitive and welcoming way to the lineup to your store. Digital contact tracing with privacy included with no extra costs.

Keep Everyone Safe

Using Wait, we take your fuzzy crowd to a virtual lineup, so we can keep you, your customers, and their family safe.

3 Steps Setup

It's simple to get started with Wait. Register, create and start the Wait.

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Reimagine Capacity Control

Single Queue System reforms the way businesses manage lineups and in-store traffic flow.

Ensure Social Distancing

Ensure the official guidelines are reinforced during the lineup process. Seamlessly direct customers without human labor.

Free Tier Every Month

100 Waits will automatically be added to business accounts at the beginning of each month.

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Contact Tracing to Mitigate Risks

Protect customers and business operations with securely built-in and multi-degree tracing that preserves privacy.

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3 Step Setup

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Visit OnePass to sign up
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Launch Wait Application, set up your profile and unique Location ID
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Display your Location ID with ready-to-print Open Sign

Customers can now search your Location ID and join your Wait.

How to Use It?

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Log onto OnePass
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Launch Wait Application and access Location Console for your store
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Notify customers through SMS when their wait is over
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Remove customers from Wait when they enter
Repeat step and ! Your customers can now enter safely and efficiently.

Pricing Based On Your Successes.

Always know what you’re paying for, at anytime, anywhere.

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