Usage Related Questions

Visit JoinTheWait.com, search your unique store Location ID, and Join the Wait!

Nope, Wait automates the lineup process, so you can save cost on book-keeping!

Whether you own a business and want to manage lineups safely, or you are a customer wanting to line up to get into your favorite store, you will manage your profile under the same portal via JoinTheWait.com

In order to access any business features, you will need to activate the section by inputting the business name once you log in.

Business features such as “Location Console” helps you manage your stores and lineups. We are in the process of creating more business features for different use cases, and you will be able to find them all under JoinTheWait.com

The mobile number will serve as a unique identifier to any Wait account.

You can explore the queue options and create an account here. We strongly recommend scheduling a meeting with our product specialists for any questions you may have before you get started. Click here to schedule a meeting with our team.

Billing Related Questions

No cost to your customers. It’s free, forever!

You will receive 100 free Waits at the beginning of each month. You only need to start paying after you use up the Waits.

Wait only charges when your customer line up through your unique store location ID. For more information, please check out our pricing page here.

Waits cannot be carried over. They must be used within the same month they were given.

Support Related Questions

Product and service support are included for all business accounts free of charge.

You can access Kuusoft support through email. Our team of engineers will get back to you as soon as possible!

Waits cannot be carried over. They must be used within the same month they were given.

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