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About Kuusoft

A Technological Revolution

From re-imagining the creation process of websites to replacing ancient management processes with our POS systems and replacing ineffective signs with our proprietary digital signage system, we are always at the forefront of the technological revolution.

2002 – Founded

In 2002, Geoffry Fang saw the obstacles that were in the way of a business’s creativity as he recognized the need for people to create their own websites. Operating from his home garage, HyperMediaStudio was born, existing tools were re-imagined and dynamic website content technology was introduced to the world.

2004 – Content Management Systems

HyperPanel, one of the world’s first content management systems (CMS) running natively on Microsoft .NET Framework technology was created. The first datacenter hosting server was located in California, and the company began to offer reseller opportunities.

2005 – Retail POS

HyperPOS, the company’s first Windows-based application and retail point-of-sale system was created and widely used by local retail stores.

2006 – Industry-specific Solutions

The company was rebranded and renamed to Visionbase. Following the success of introducing proprietary CMS technology to various industries, industry-specific solutions were integrated into retail and restaurant operations for years to come.

2007 – Restaurant POS

In 2007, VisionRMS (Restaurant Management System) was introduced to restaurants nationwide.

2008 – VisionRMS Optimization

Visionbase introduced proprietary application framework, software update services, the optimization of VisionRMS Express Edition for quick service restaurants and VisionRMS Table Edition for dining restaurants.

2009 – Company Expansion

In 2009, the company grew and an official office opened in downtown Vancouver. Products like VisionPager (restaurant phone paging system), ArchePOS (retail point-of-sale system), and self-ordering kiosks were revealed.

2010 – Further Expansion

Following the enormous success of the company’s various B2B solutions, the office was then doubled in the following year in our downtown headquarters. Portable Ordering Device for VisionRMS was revealed and Visionbase cloud services operated at 100Mbps internet connectivity.

2011 – Company Growth

The company grew, the head office space doubled and relocated to Richmond, B.C. In 2011, Amazon Cloud Computing technology and MyPOS2Go for VisionRMS and ArchePOS were introduced. Both reseller and distributor opportunities were made available and Visionbase became RSPA certified.

2012 – Kuusoft Software Corp.

In 2012, the next generation POS technology, WarpPOS was introduced. Seamless website ordering technology, QR-code mobile ordering system, highly customizable menu items were only a few of the reasons why it was the most anticipated POS software the food industry had ever seen. By the end of year 2012, Visionbase was officially renamed Kuusoft Software Corp., and moved to the current Burnaby location into a larger, newly renovated space.

2013 – Advertising Platform

LiveAds, the latest marketing technology combining printing and internet distribution was revealed in 2013.

2014 – NexSigns Digital Signage

In 2014, Kuusoft launched the world’s smallest nano-computer (NanoPC One) built specifically for digital signage. The NanoPC One, along with NexSigns, our digital signage software, turns any HDTV into a digital signage system for any business.

2015 – Nano-PC2

Nano-PC2, revealed in early 2015, is turbo-charged with exciting capabilities like the ability to connect to industry-specific content channels, TV streaming channels, multi-screen display mode, and more screen segmentations available.

2016 – Industry First Live TV Integration

NexSigns became the first digital signage solution to be capable of integrating live TV. This ability is a major leap forward in creating dynamic content with digital signage.

2018 – Nano-PC3

Improving on the previous Nano-PC2 design, this third generation device pushes the boundary of what’s possible with digital signage.