Where Should You Use Digital Signage in Retail Stores?

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Retailers can use digital signage for a wide variety of functions. This blog explains the best places to use digital signage in retail.

Are you looking for a way to advertise your products and messages in a retail setting? Do you want to improve the look of your store and provide customers with important information at the same time?

Everything in a retail environment should be carefully designed to present the best possible face to the customer. As the saying goes, time is money, but in retail, space and attention are money too.

One of the best ways to utilize space in a retail setting is through the use of digital signage (DS). Kuusoft has been in the retail industry for over two decades, and time and time again, DS has one of the highest ROIs (return on investment) for retailers. Their digital signage solutions use high-tech retail signage software to customize the signage for your retail store and dramatically improve revenue.


DS is an excellent way to draw attention to and upsell a product to your customers. Since they are bright, colorful, and usually placed in a customer-facing area, DS is a highly effective advertising strategy.

However, retailers can use the DS for a wide variety of functions. If you’re wondering where to use digital signage, this post will explain the best places to use DS and how you can use it to your advantage.

Where are the Best Places to Use Digital Signage?

On the Wall

Placing signage on the walls directly has a few different benefits.

Firstly, wall signage is a perfect option for small retail stores. It saves space while still providing the advertising and upselling benefits of the signage. Moreover, you can use your precious floor space to display products while still using DS. This way, you can improve revenue and provide a better customer experience at the same time.

Secondly, signage placed on interior walls and columns in highly trafficked areas will receive extra attention. In those areas, many people see them while they browse the store. These retail advertisements are some of the most effective types because of how much attention they receive.

As Aisle Endcaps

Aisle endcap signage is usually more targeted and specific to one product or a collection of products. Often, human movement can easily activate those signages.

These signs are great for advertising products that are low on revenue but high on audience volume. Targeted retail advertisements on aisle endcaps can dramatically increase sales of these products.

DS on an aisle endcap can also be in combination with a product display to attractively demonstrate product features. A product display without signage is much less visually interesting than a display with a brightly colored digital sign, which explains the most important features of the product.

Freestanding Kiosks on Site

As mentioned earlier, in retail, space is money. Freestanding digital kiosks do take up space, but with some careful planning, these kiosks can act as a touchpoint for customers and provide important information.

These kiosks are often most effective when in place at highly trafficked areas after a “decompression” zone. When placed in these areas, customers are much more likely to interact with a kiosk screen.

An example of an effectively placed digital kiosk would be in a bookstore, near the entrance, where customers can view a map of the store and look up where the type of book they’re looking for is.

At Checkout

Placing digital screens near the point of sale is excellent for upselling and cross-selling products. Not only do they provide visual interest for customers waiting in line, but they also remind customers of products they might want to come back and purchase for next time.

Using signage at checkout, in combination with corresponding point of purchase displays, are a highly useful tool to increase revenue.

At Customer Service Counters

Customer service counters are often places of high tension in a store. When a customer approaches a service counter, they’re usually looking either to return their product and receive a refund or to receive service on their product after purchase. When combined with the fact that most customer service counters are understaffed, it can make for a highly negative experience for the customer.

DS is one way to make that customer service experience better. The longer the customer has to wait at a customer service counter, the worse their experience becomes. In store digital media can shorten the perceived wait time by providing visual interest and information for the customer.

In Waiting Areas

One of the most useful places to put DS is in waiting areas, either outside the store or near the waiting line. During big sales or the holiday season, long lines can form, both inside and outside the store. If the line is too long, customers might get frustrated and eventually leave. You can reduce the risk of this happening with DS.

These signs function as entertainment and encourage the customer to continue waiting. They can reduce customer frustration, upsell products, encourage customers to sign up for loyalty programs, and show customers how close they are to the front of the line.

In the Back Office

You might think that DS is only useful in customer-facing areas, but there are some compelling reasons to use signage in employee-only areas as well.

In employee lounges and break rooms, signage is useful for entertainment. In addition, digital screens can play an important role in warehouses and back offices as a convenient way to communicate between the front and back of the store. The signs can be used to communicate stock levels, whether more sales associates are needed, and any other important information.


If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your revenue, improve customer experience, and increase the visual interest of your retail store, digital signage is perfect for you. Hopefully, this post has helped explain where to use digital signage and why it can be so useful in retail.

DS has a limitless number of uses in a retail environment. From displaying product features to providing customer and employee entertainment, the functions of DS are only limited by your imagination. Communicate with your customers and increase your sales by using DS at the point of sale, on walls, and as free-standing kiosks.

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