The Holidays are Coming! Time to Get Digital Signage Up at Your Stores!

Digital menu board for donuts with santa parachuting for a Christmas design

Hey, have you heard? Santa is coming to town!

According to a new Harris Poll, 46% of participants chose Christmas as their favorite holiday. As a time of giving, Christmas is typically a peak selling period for retailers in many countries around the world. Many business owners are starting to release promotions and getting their stores ready for this holiday season. As stores are competing for consumers’ affection during the holiday season, it is important that business owners make their stores appealing to shoppers and attract potential buyers at the point of purchase.

Customers’ perception of a store depends on its exterior design. Many business owners do not realize that a store exterior is not only a product exhibition area, but also represents the image/brand of the store and its merchandise. Most business owners release promotion events through displaying traditional signage in their store windows. But with recent technology trends, consumers are uninterested by old-fashioned signage and are attracted by a modern form of display: digital signage.

Digital signage serves as an essential tool to promote a store’s visibility and identification. Experiments by Nordfalt et al. discovered that digital screens and signage can encourage customers toward the merchandise and deeper into shopping pathways. This suggests that digital signage serves as a powerful catalyst that promotes consumers to visit stores, especially stores that are unfamiliar to them.

Recent research found that consumers’ perceptions of store signs influence their expectations of a store and their willingness to visit a store. As the aesthetic features of the signs’ design increase, consumers’ perceptions toward a store and its product quality also increase, leading to higher foot traffic in the store.

Being creative with your digital signage display is important.  Here are different ways you can use digital signage to promote your stores:

In short, here is a simple formula:

Digital Signage + Creative Design =

  1. Increase in consumers’ attention/ interests
  2. Increase in store visits and foot traffic
  3. Increase in customers purchasing merchandise
  4. Create a great customer impression of the store
  5. Deliver a strong brand message to customers
  6. Establish loyalty with first-time shoppers
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  1. Yes indeed, Digital signage gives you the best ROI than any other advertising medium. You put it in a very simple and great way.
    Thanks for sharing

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