Retailtainment: Retail Displays to Engage Your Audience

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Retailtainment is the concept of selling retail products with the help of entertainment. NexSigns Digital signage provides you with the latest technology to aid retailers in generating more yields.

Do you ever feel entertained in a retail store? That is a good example of your retailtainment experience.

The world is evolving, and so is the retail industry. The engagement of the customers is the most dominant thing in the world of retail. Retailers were worried back in the time about their in-store engagement when internet shopping started to flourish. The idea was to make people come to the stores for their purchases. Digital signage emerged as a rescue. Bright screens showing visuals in the middle of the store can attract so much attention than the products themselves.

Digital signage is an effective way of tempting people into using the concept of infotainment. It acts as a driving force for traders. A digital signage screen is an LCD or an LED screen either mounted on a wall or in the pillar showing content and attracting hundreds at the same time. Retailtainment with digital signage is a future of generating shoppers’ engagement.


As the name shows, retailtainment is the concept of selling products with the help of entertainment. It is like using all of the senses of the customer so that they can feel connected. This sense of connectivity will generate benefits in this way. The customer will visit again and again.

For in-store entertainment, retailers have started using modern age technology instead of print media. The high graphic resolution, 4K ultra high definition video with bright colors nicely catch people’s attraction, forcing them to stop and have a look at whatever is playing on the screen.


Digital signage setup consists of only a few components. That includes a media player, connecting wires, a display mount, and the main thing that is the content showing screen. The content can be displayed using a flash drive, DVD, a media or file server, or through the internet.


Content could be something like static text, floating or crawling text, still photos, graphics, flash files, pre-recorded videos, or live-streamed videos, whatever the retailer can do to engage their audience. Something like a live football match or a live presidential speech broadcast can also captivate a great audience.

Brand Reputation

Branding matters when it comes to driving sales. But what is the right way to do it? A customer comes to your store intending to purchase something. Now it is up to you how you can make their visit enthralling and appealing. They should feel welcomed, and they should leave entertained with a desire to visit again. The reputation of a brand greatly depends upon its in-store engagement. Retailers want you inside their stores instead of buying the goods from home lying on your couch. However, money reaches the owner in either case. But a person spends so much on the decoration of their store, for what? The customers’ attraction. And if the customers are not showing any interest, retailtainment is done to get that back.

Retailtainment through screens makes the customers stop and watch as two of their senses divert naturally towards them. Seeing the ads displayed, one develops a sudden urge to get the product right away and consequently, visits the store fulfilling the purpose of the plantation of that digital medium.

Digital signage has made the experience so revolutionized that a person roaming around the mall catches a glimpse of a clothing piece worn by the model showing you how it looks on the screen. You like it on him, you visit the store and see the product there, you try it yourself and end up purchasing it. This all happens in a synchronized manner—all hail to the digital signage.

Areas of Use

It is used in airports, hospitals, restaurants, malls, universities, meeting halls, movie theaters, grocery stores, banks, and even bus stops. Huge Digital signage screens on the main roundabouts engage so much attention every day.

The digital signage market continues to grow every passing day. These have become so common now that almost everybody uses them for branding, and it is rapidly taking over traditional static billboards. According to a study done by orbit research, up to 20 billion dollars were made by the digital signage market in the year 2017, and it is expected to rise to 30 billion dollars on an estimate by the end of the year 2023.


You must have seen this emerging technology more and more these days because no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic content at the right time in the right location for maximum impact. The best part about it is that it is highly affordable. Small business owners can also benefit from them and serve maximum marketing to boost their sales.

Imagine going out on a Sunday evening. You pass across a bus stop. You see a signage screen showing a deal given by the famous fast food restaurant at a cheaper rate. The picture of the burger shown in the ad makes you droll. All of a sudden, you decide to visit the restaurant and end up having a big double patty burger with extra cheese. That is what these signs are for. A mutual benefit indeed. You get to know about the offer, and the retailer gets the price.

Digital Signage Touch Screens

Digital signage screens also come with touch screen specifications. Such screens, when displayed in a store, make the customers’ experience intriguing. People get a chance to interact by dropping their phone numbers and email addresses on that machine-like screen. You can encourage them to sign up and be part of your newsletter by giving customers free coupons or discount cards in return. That can be utilized later for keeping them updated regarding the latest sales and news of launching new seasonal collections. In this way, they can stay engaged with the brand once they leave.

Video Wall

You can also make a statement media wall using a series of signage screens that display your commercials showcasing models with your products. Anything done at a large scale grabs the attention effortlessly.

Overall Retailtainment Benefits

  • The message reaches the target audience.
  • Content can easily be updated or changed.
  • It falls within budget and saves you from additional costs of printing and distribution every time.
  • Leads customers to impulse purchase from sales.
  • Sparks more in-store visits.

NexSigns Digital signage provides you with the latest technology at a reasonable rate, equipped with modern gears to aid retailers in generating more yields. NexSigns provides a highly integrated and flexible total digital signage solution for you.

You can learn more about NexSigns’ Digital Signage solution and connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to get the latest info on digital signage!

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