How to Maximize Retail Dwell Time with Digital Signage

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Screen location, appealing content, valuable information. Here are tips on how you can maximize retail dwell time using digital signage.

Digital signage is among the most powerful tools for advertising. The tool incorporates the use of electronic displays on screens to post adverts for products and services. It is one of the most competitive forms of in-store advertising. Dwell time is how long a customer will glance at your advertisement when displayed on the screen.

A digital signage analytics expert firm researched the amount of time it took customers to look at an advertising screen. They found out that it only takes someone 1.5 – 4.6 seconds to pay full attention to your content. This shows that you do not have long to capture your customer’s attention, which means that your content should be precise, attractive, and interesting.

The use of digital signage to capture audiences would mostly benefit store managers, retail professionals, retail consultants, retail franchise regional managers, and any other professional in the retail business.

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Here are some tips on how you can maximize retail dwell time using digital signage.

Screen location

For your content to sell, the screen needs to be located strategically; it has to be somewhere your potential buyers can easily spot. The digital sign needs to be at a position where it is at eye level and easily visible. Avoid placing items in its path that may obscure the vision.

Preferably, please do not place the screen at a high position where buyers will have to tilt up their heads to look at it. In any case, most buyers will focus on what they are buying. As a result, they will rarely lookup. However, when the screen is at eye level, it will steal their focus easily because it will simply require them to shift their eyes to the screen.

Moreover, do not place the digital screen at exit or entrance points. This is because buyers are usually in a hurry at these two points and may therefore miss your digital sign.

Appealing content

Another important strategy for increasing retail dwell time is ensuring that your content is appealing and interesting. This can be done by using attractive, colourful images and designs that instantly catch buyers’ attention. Videos can also have the same effect. Additionally, ensure your screen contains relevant content that is connected to what the buyers are interested in. The content must also be informative and accurate.

The content used to advertise products could also be entertaining to get more people to view it. For instance, retailers could create a short video capturing a funny disaster followed by a solution to the problem realized using the advertised product. Another way to hook buyers can be by advertising content that asks buyers questions. This provokes their minds to try to figure out the answers.

Valuable content for increasing retail dwell time

In addition to using attractive content, it must also be valuable if you want it to maximize the retail dwell time. Remember that you are not only trying to capture the buyer’s attention with the digital sign; you are also competing for their attention against their smartphones, conversations, and social media accounts.

One way to win their attention is by providing valuable information that will require much more than just a casual glance from them. Give your audience information, discount codes, and offers that they cannot get anywhere else. Everyone likes exclusivity because it makes him or her feel unique and valued. When doing this, make sure you focus on your customers’ needs and priorities. When buyers like what they see, they will stick around and keep coming back for more.

Call to action

The main reason for in-store advertising using digital screens is to increase sales. Shoppers are likely to pay for an item that is well advertised and intriguing even if they had not planned to purchase it. To compel shoppers to make unplanned purchases, you must include a call to action in the digital advertisement. A good call to action is one that prompts immediate action and is simple and easy to understand. The CTA could encourage buyers to visit a website, asking them to take a short survey to encourage them to buy something.

Personalized experience to maximize retail dwell time

One way to ensure buyers linger more in the retail store is by providing a personalized experience. This can be done by introducing touch screens for directories, menu boards, donor boards, etc., at strategic points in your retail store. By doing so, these key points will be the first place shoppers go to upon entering the store.

The information provided on the touchscreen must also be informative and easy to understand. The information must also be interactive for the user by allowing them to navigate through the digital experience unassisted. This will enable the buyer to select what is most suitable and preferable and spend time in these areas. In doing so, the buyer is spending more time in the retail store’s digital space. You can also include messaging features for the organization and calls to action next to these specialized features that have captured the buyer’s attention.

Retail stores can display creative and interactive in-store advertising content on digital menu boards. Besides, digital wait-boards, interactive kiosks, personal devices like Wi-Fi advertising, wayfinding screens, and video walls.

Some of the benefits of retail in-store digital advertising are:

  • Introducing new products to the buyers- without efficient advertising, most new products would easily be missed by potential buyers. Digital advertising works to reveal the products, explain their benefits to the buyers, and explain their features. Digital signs are the best and quickest way to do this.
  • Promoting impulse buying- when done correctly and smartly, digital advertising can prompt shoppers to buy things they had not planned for. This is because the reliability and benefits have persuaded them of the products.
  • Accessing customers’ contact details – in-store advertising methods that promote a personalized experience, for instance, by using touch screens, may get access to buyers’ contacts like phone numbers or emails. This is beneficial because the retail store can continue advertising its products through message and email marketing.
  • Promoting sales – digital advertising can help drive the store’s sales by promoting products and including calls to action.
  • Encouraging cross-promotion is done by placing digital signs in strategic positions. Where buyers who buy a certain product get information about a similar or related product.
  • Providing facts to customers – digital advertising signs and screens provide buyers with the information they need, such as prices, discounts, promotions, directions, etc., to make good purchasing decisions.

With this information, you can now install digital advertising software in your retail store to increase your buyers’ retail dwell time and enjoy increased sales.

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