Retail Digital Signage: Is It Worth It? And Why?

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Why is retail digital signage important in stores and shops? In this blog, we list out 7 ways retailers can benefit from using retail digital signage.

Why is digital signage important in retail stores and shops?

The business world is getting more competitive every day, as many entrepreneurs find ways to remain relevant in various industries. There are thousands of retail shops across every market, with many tools in their pockets (e.g., digital signage, virtual shelves, etc.). So, as the digital world expands, retailers face multiple problems to get their brand to stand out from the crowd.

two pedestrians infront of a retail shop window, looking at a nexsigns digital signage screen
Pedestrians looking at a retail window with NexSigns digital signage.

First, Every retailer wants to connect with their customers and in-store consumers to keep their brand relevant while leaving a lasting impression. As more innovations come up daily, retailers need to adapt to the ever-changing world to remain ahead of time, thanks to technology.

Secondly, our society takes a new turn now and then, and people change their shopping behavior. Meaning, retailers have to change according to the trend as quickly as possible so that their brand remains relevant.

The complexity of data analysis is another challenge for retail businesses. For proper uptake, retailers need to analyze consumer behavior and other relevant data and make wise decisions to retain the consumer and generate new leads. The goal is to get the right tools to help them make progress.

Marketing and sales are the core channels in which the business generates income, so retailers need to cultivate new ways to run effective campaigns in their retail store by keeping up-to-date marketing and advertisement channels.

Although many retailers find it challenging to adapt to the marketing strategies with a scalable solution, they can quickly adapt to digital signage, which provides the best solution for every retail business. Below are its benefits.

7 Ways of How Retail Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

1. Grown Brand Awareness

The digital screens in retail stores are a form of promotional media, which drives traffic and boosts brand awareness in the community. Digital signage can display a variety of content that conveys a direct message about the brand to shoppers.

The in-store digital media does the cross-merchandising for you by educating customers about the various products and solutions you provide. Hence, digital signage can be a platform to inform your customers about multiple promotions you might be running in-house.

sale signage of green summer look with a guy in yellow shirt and jean shorts
Season changes, how does that affect your business? #ClientWork

Digital screens also promote brand awareness through digital window displays. The branded screens show relevant information to the customers, such as values, cultures, attitudes, news, aspirations, interests, and retail lifestyles that provide engaging content to various demographics. Such general content can massively boost the brand and, at the same time, giving value to the business.

Window displays with the above inspire the customers. It guides and motivates them and gets them closely associated with the screen adverts and promotions. This digital signage solutions also helps retailers gain mind share with their customers, thus, promoting their brand and retain a recognized social phenomenon.

Digital Signage TV showing a branding design for eyeglass frames in an optometry or optical retail location
NexSigns Digital Signage in a Optometry Retail

2. Retail-tainment

The retail advertisement provides entertainment in the retail environment. It is a source of fun for the customer, making the environment interactive. The signs allow customers to watch floating games, moving games as well as on-screen characters.

Most visitors enjoy controlling content on the digital screens, which creates a custom experience for visitors of all ages. They are likely to pay more attention to the displayed screen content, making it the perfect way to get them entertained while at the same time, promoting your brand.

Another way retail advertisement provides entertainment to customers is through the customer shopping experience. It delivers an engaging shopping catalog to customers when shopping with friends. The shoppers can use it as a platform to further research more products associated with your brand.

NexSigns Digital Signage puts a product on a bigger stage, where its details are appreciated.

The seamless customer experience with the digital point of purchase display makes them want to shop more and for longer hours, and they stay entertained. Therefore, it is an added advantage that can boost sales and improve consumer return rates.

3. Reduced Human Labor Cost

The digital signage solutions help the retailer cut costs since they do not need to hire a graphic designer for each new sign. The retailer can quickly update the screen with relevant content using the retail signage software without the need for support staff, thus reducing staff salaries.

As the retailer updates the screen with relevant information, it makes the customers stay in charge of their retail experience without needing support. For instance, the digital signs guide customers through the shopping circle, directing them on what to do and where to go.

Digital signage used as a wayfinding tool in a retail mall

It gives customers confidence through their shopping experience, and directs them to specific products, upsell items, boosting sales. The retail mall wayfinding digital sign gives customers relevant information such as room locations, help points, and other essential information.

4. Increased Sales through Cross-Selling and Upselling

Digital point of purchase displays throughout the store provides more purchasing touch-points for cross-selling and upselling products. The displayed information motivates customers to increase purchasing decisions, which leads to impulse buying, thus promoting high sales. For instance, when the posted message says “buy low ticket items” (e.g., socks, hairbands), customers tend to maximize the opportunity by purchasing as many items as possible.

The retail advertisement in-store grocery promotions with information such as “BIGI, Happy Hour makes it easy for retailers to pass the relevant information to the customers. It is a simple way to promote seasonal products such as summer clothing, which gets them sold faster.

Digital point-of-sale displays in grocery stores promote

5. Integrated Online and Physical Store Experience

The digital signage solutions display available products by integrating the online and physical stores. Meanwhile, it joins the information to show every online activity, enabling consumers to systemize the products and respond to peaks.

The retail signage software allows retailers to quickly change the store display content based on environmental data, which keeps the consumers actively engaged with popular products and relevant messages at all times. For instance, a cloth store can update the flat screen advertisement with raincoats images during the rainy season. You can pull in the latest posts from social media platforms and change the content on the digital marketing screen, making the brand more parallel and likable to customers.

Given time of the day, and weather at the location, NexSigns Advanced Conditional System can show the most relevant ads.

6. Smooth Front and Back Office Communication

covid19, factsheets, wash hands
Simple daily habits can go a long way protecting you and me.

The in-store digital media improves internal communications, which enables staff members to get repetitive information, which helps them internalize the relevant content in a more relaxed setting. Employees quickly retain the displayed information, keeping them up-to-date with timely content. When the repetitive display information plays on the interactive retail signage for a more extended period, it allows employees to master the content with ease and makes them take the necessary steps in time.

Using digital signage as a hostess outside of a bakery cafe shop, all data connected to back office.

Cloud-based retail signage player allows the back support to communicate effectively with the warehouse distribution center and the customer-facing storefront. For instance, the corporate office retail signage helps employees to use interactive signs and share project updates and status. It also offers a smooth flow of communication among the staff members, promoting cohesiveness and productivity.

7. Vendor Advertisement Space

Flat-screen advertising display offers unique advertisement opportunities to retailers. And you can generate revenue by converting the retail tv into a business platform and sell the space to other vendors. This allows vendors to get exposure to their customers and helps them to boost their sales. For instance, you can sell out space to grocers, convenience stores, car dealerships, and other retailers, generating more sales at the point of purchase.

Retail stores can sell advertisement space to vendors who need exposure in a retail environment.


We are here to answer the big question you have in mind:

Is digital signage worth it for retailers?

YES. It is the best way to get an all-around growth for your business. Because digital signage will help you unlock your business potentials and achieve great heights from different aspects. If you have some lingering reservations about retail signage, the points above have your best solution.

Get started with digital signage for retailers and give your store a unique consumer experience.

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