How to Use Digital Signage for Car Dealerships

Digital signage tv promoting a car in front of the same car model on a dealership show floor

Digital signage provides an effective way to engage customers at car dealerships. It’s a modern, visual communication tool that you need to embrace or you may just be left behind by your competitors.

Most car dealerships are spending an increasing amount for various forms of innovative marketing, recognizing that this is their lifeblood. By displaying digital signage, you have a unique opportunity to engage with your customers in an entertaining way and to broadcast your marketing messages.

Dealership designs should include recommendations for placement of digital signage. When it’s placed strategically, it targets customers at the right time in their purchasing cycle with the right message to move them farther down the sales funnel. Digital signage is completely scalable and can be adapted for many different uses.

You can edit, update, and manage all sorts of content from basic features like video and images to more advanced content easily. Multi-media slide-shows, YouTube playlists, HD videos, and scrolling tickers of information and news are just some of the content display you can have running.

There are two main areas where digital signage for car dealerships should be placed: the show floor and the waiting area of the service department. The best customer is the one you have in front of you, and you need to take every opportunity to engage and drive the incremental growth of revenue.

Digital Signage on the Show Floor

First impressions count, and digital signage provide an effective way to welcome new customers. If they’re greeted with a digital display giving them the story and history of the dealership in an entertaining way, they will immediately feel more engaged and trust your brand even more. You could showcase reviews and social media posts about the car models and your dealership.

On the showroom, you can also have short commercials and other media promoting the features and attributes of a new vehicle playing right beside the new cars on kiosks and stands.

Manufacturers of vehicles usually provide professionally designed images and videos about the vehicles that can be used to enhance customer experience. Various specials and promotions could be highlighted, and you could provide information about finance rates and plans.

In some showrooms, you may find digital kiosks that provide another way to enhance customer satisfaction. These touch-screen kiosks help to help to take the pressure off sales staff. Customers can use a kiosk to:

  • Get in-depth information about a specific model on the showroom floor.
  • Watch a promotional video that showcases a specific vehicle.
  • Enter contact details so a sales rep can contact them.
  • Use a vehicle finance calculator.
  • Get vehicle prices or compare models.
  • Complete a customer survey.

Some digital showroom signage in car dealerships is even used to promote local events or organizations. Customers of today want to support companies that care about them and their communities. This is a way to demonstrate your commitment to what your customers care about.

Digital Signage In The Service Department

The service department is a vital part of a car dealership. Entertaining content for customers waiting for their vehicles could reduce perceived wait time by as much as 35% according to research.

Giving a good mix of content is key – no-one wants to be bombarded with advertising. Mix some informative, entertaining videos in with marketing messages to drive immediate response business.

Content could include car trivia, tips on reducing fuel consumption or road safety. Integrate this with live data to give customers current news and weather information. In this area, you could also have a digital menu of services and their prices. Digital signage also provides a very effective way to highlight specials.

Customers could be sitting in the service area, and a message could come up on the screen offering one free tire when buying three tires and tell them to go to the service window for more details.

It could inform them that they can have their oil changed at a special rate for a limited time period. A service management queue showing customer wait times is another useful option in this area.

Better Employee Communication with Digital Signage

Companies often resort to noticeboards which may be ignored by employees. Using digital signage saves on printing costs and helps to communicate information to employees efficiently.

It can feature company accomplishments and employee achievements. For example, you could feature an employee of the month. It provides a way to communicate special announcements such as birthdays, give deadlines, relay health and safety information, offer employee satisfaction surveys and much more.

Whether you own a small or large car dealership, digital signage creates a richer buying experience for customers and adds significantly to the overall dealership experience.
It makes your customers feel more engaged, enhances employee satisfaction, promotes more business and improves your bottom line, serving multiple functions through the same medium.

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  1. Showing product information on digital signage leaves better impact than handling the customers manually. You can do lot more with digital signage at automotive stores

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