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Student studies in a univeristy building with a digital signage tv above him promoting the universities theater

Digital Signage for Schools & Educational Institutions

Digital signage provides an effective, modern way to engage and enhance student awareness in educational facilities. It can be used to give faculty information, promote events and make announcements. Timetables, cafeteria menus, and safety information can be clearly displayed and updated constantly. Digital signage in the education sector is growing fast and schools, universities, and

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Electronic power cord with grass growing out of the head and a green cable

Reduce Carbon Footprints with Digital Signage

It’s no secret that our world is being affected by climate change. Our societies need to harvest resources and create greenhouse gases to exist, but that’s damaging our environment. Trees that provide air for us to breathe are being chopped down faster than they can be replaced. To curb the trend, technology can lend a

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Two men looking at the newly installed video wall at a Westminster Savings Credit Union branch

Everything to Know About Video Walls

It’s a tough time to operate a brick and mortar business. ShopperTrak, an analytics company specialized in shopping and retail, investigated the levels of foot traffic at retail stores between 2010 and 2015. Their research found that foot traffic was down by 57% because of the sheer number of choices available to customers both on

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Businessman drawing a colorfull splash across a grey cityscape

Optimize the trade-off between visual design and editability

There are several essential elements to ensure that successful digital signage is being deployed in businesses. One of the most critical items that all new digital signage adopters should consider is the ratio between visual design and convenience of making changes. In this article, we will be discussing some of the facts and fallacies of

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Happy customers taking pictures of their food in a restraurant

5 Tips for Restaurant Marketing

Technology allows entrepreneurs in various trades to maximize the power of advertising at a whole new level. The availability of the internet has changed the face of the food industry by making it more appealing and accessible through online marketing. Let me give you a few tips to further increase the number of both new

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Top down view of a person taking a photo of their meal with a smartphone

The Restaurant Social Media Experience

How smaller businesses can turn big chains’ successes to their advantage Everybody knows that utilizing social media is important to one’s brand, but what does this really mean? Is it just a matter of a few clever posts every day or two, or is it all about engagement and creating real customer experiences? According to

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The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in 2016

If you’ve ever seen a romantic movie, you know that being in the right place at the right time can result in true magic. Imagine if Harry had never met Sally, Bridget Jones had never gone to that New Year’s Eve party, or if Jack and Rose had never stepped aboard that ship? Okay, that

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Front of the American Cheese Steak Co quick service restraurant with digital menu board mounted above the counter

American Cheesesteak Co. Metrotown Expands with NexSigns Digital Menu Boards

BURNABY, B.C.  March 30, 2016 The famous American Cheesesteak Co. has expanded its second location with Kuusoft, a total solution provider of digital menu boards and digital signage provider, to bring the amazing food and customer experience from Davie Street, in Downtown Vancouver, to Metropolis, at Metrotown. After its previous satisfying collaboration with Kuusoft NexSigns, as

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Photo of several sandwiches from the Delly at UBC cut in half facing the camera

Quickly Draw Customers’ Attention with Digital Menu Boards

The biggest challenge restaurant owners face, aside from attracting new clients, is how to increase the number of repeat customers. Customer’s Viewpoint Practicality influences a person who is choosing a restaurant to visit. People try to find the best place where they can get their hard-earned money’s worth. According to a Harris Interactive study conducted

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Perspective view of a table at an upscale resturant mid meal

Upgrade Your Restaurant by Using POS Technology: 5 Stats to Convince You

In a world where businesses greatly bank on digital signage, it is not surprising to know that more and more restaurateurs are doing away with the old pen-and-paper system and even the use of traditional cash registers. Let’s look at the following statistical data to understand this restaurant trend: Currently, according to a Toast study

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