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Woman sitting at a slot machine with the machine backlighting with its vibrant digital displays

What Restaurants Can Learn from Casinos

Restaurants face the constant challenge of the desire of diners for instant gratification, a personalized experience, and variety, all while trying to stay ahead of the competition. Good restaurant owners want patrons to enjoy your experience, to spend as much as possible and to keep coming back. Casinos want you to spend every last penny

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Smiling couple enjoying a meal at a restaurant with their friends

Importance of Customer Experience in Restaurants

The restaurant business has always been a hectic territory. Young and old entrepreneurs alike find it hard to navigate the market. Lots of innovation, experimenting, and patience are required to call yourself an owner of a successful restaurant. Despite the changing trends and current difficulties, there is one thing that has stayed the same over

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Two men on treadmills with a digital signage tv above them promoting services

Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers

How Use Digital Signage in Fitness Centers and Gyms Fitness centers need a loyal clientele, and one of the ways they can encourage loyalty is through the use of digital signage. This is one of the best ways to communicate information about classes, give workout motivation, and make announcements about events. Modern gym goers want

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Man looks at the various options for ice cream flavors at an ice cream parlour

The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice: Are There Too Many Menu Options? Walk into an ice-cream parlor, and there are so many options! Should you choose banana, chocolate chip, or berry cheesecake? Perhaps butterscotch ripple or almond chocolate would be better? Oh, what about mint or dulce de leche? Or maybe pistachio? Do I want multiple scoops

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25m tall building written out vs an illustration of a 25m tall building

Text Versus Images

What makes more sense to the brain? Vision can be quite an interesting thing if you actually think about it. In a sense, we take it completely for granted. We start seeing from the moment we are born and don’t stop to think what it would be like if we didn’t have it. What would

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Group of friends sitting on a couch watching television

What TV Shows Tell us About Attention

The TV industry has undergone a revolution in the last 20 years. The way TV shows are thought out and then presented has changed totally and this has had a profound effect on how our attention as audiences is captured and maintained. Today, we’ll be covering five of the most meaningful changes that will help

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A Kuusoft digital menu board specialist performs consultation with wireframes for a client

How to Design a Digital Menu Board

Your digital menu board says a lot about your place of business. Sub-consciously, it’s very important to your customers. The visual identity you create for your brand is vitally important for repeat business. In this article, let’s go over important facts on how to design a digital menu board. Tips for designing an effective digital

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Top down view of a person taking a photo of their meal with a smartphone

Top 4 Restaurant Decor Trends of 2018

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending the National Restaurant Association Show 2018 in beautiful Chicago! Make sure to visit us at booth #10447! It’ll be a great show and our award-winning booth has been kicked up a notch, more on that in future blogs. For today, we’ll be focusing on 2018’s Top Restaurant

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Illustrated drawing of a human face with the brain illuminated with cells and DNA in the background

Biology and Digital Signage

Evolution is at the core of human development. With time, our brains have become wired to function differently in various environments. This change has been necessitated thanks to the existence of various stimuli that affect our perception of reality. Overtime, humanity has adapted to various phenomena and developed a variety of discernable traits. The brain

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A sample of the digital signage being displayed at Westminster Savings Credit Union promoting family banking

Compelling Calls to Action

Imagine that you’ve just installed your first digital signage solution and are ready to start drawing in the new business. You’ve researched your target audience, your type of display, and everything in between. The signage is placed in the perfect spot to maximize visibility and you’re excited to put your digital sign to work for

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