11 Ways A Restaurant Can Be Awesome with Digital Signage

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Want to make the most of your digital signage? Here are 11 ways you can overachieve with your awesome digital displays in your restaurants.

Using Digital Signage to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

The restaurant industry is always changing. To keep up with emerging trends, you have to think on your feet to keep customers coming back. Taking advantage of awesome restaurant technology like digital signage can help you:

  • Display information
  • Introduce new products
  • Advertise long-time favorites

A computerized screen helps you to engage with your tech-savvy customer base. Unlike traditional digital menu boards, you can use an electronic display tool like NexSigns to reach your audience from multiple perspectives. Here are 11 tips to make the most of your restaurant digital signage.

1. Improving Waiting Experience with Restaurant Digital Signage

A display board may not be able to get orders out faster, but it can improve how your customers feel about waiting a couple of extra minutes for their food. You can use a digital sign to display interesting content to keep waiting customers engaged and happy. Showing trivia or local facts will keep people entertained and help you integrate your theme and values into your restaurant’s digital screens.

Digital signs can display the approximate time that your customer will need to wait for their order. This allows your clients to feel more in control and can help adjust their expectations. Wait by Kuusoft is a queue management system that can be integrated with your NexSign to share real-time wait times. This enables more efficient order pick-ups and alleviates the strain on your staff as customers can quickly get their food.

Another way to use your signboard is to manage lines. This helps direct your customers to the correct line and can display their position in the queue. This provides them with relevant information to manage their expectations and improve their experience.

2. Up Your Sales by Sharing Product Offers

As customers wait in line you can display specials that you are currently offering. This allows them to see new products or offers that are available before they place their order. With a digital sign, you can change your specials quickly so that it stays current.

3. Creating Digital Menu Boards

Seventy-four percent of customers say that an easy to read menu is their top priority during their restaurant experience. With a digital display, your menu board will be easy to read and can be organized neatly. Nutritional data will be clearly displayed for guests. This can help reduce time at the checkout because they do not have to ask a staff member.

Using your restaurant digital screens to show current specials or sold out items will keep your customers up to date. This can reduce their stress because they can plan accordingly before it comes time to place their order.

NexSigns have the capability to update in seconds. You have the chance to shift things quickly and ease stress on staff and customers when things run out. And on the flip side, advertising your specials or new products can help drive sales up as much as thirty-two percent.

With NexSigns’ Smart Menu Editor, you can edit and update your menus from anywhere and you do not have to worry about conflicts towards the design in your template.
Combined with the dayparting feature, you can reach to the audience at the right time and the right place.

4. Incorporating Social Media to Make Your Restaurant Digital Signage Awesome

The food industry is a natural fit with social media due to its utilization of pictures of delicious food offerings to whet your customers’ appetites. By displaying your social media feeds such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on electronic boards you can create customer engagement.

Encourage guests to share a picture or review of their experience and share it on your feed. Having a chance to share their experience on your social media and electronic signage will allow your customers to feel like a star.

You can also pair up your electronic displays and social media to offer chances of free items or coupons if they provide feedback.

Social media can provide a sense of community. By re-sharing photos and reviews, you can build trust with customers and build a loyal fan following.

5. Upselling Items

Having digital signage can help you sell more items while being more efficient with your marketing time and dollars. You can show off current specials or encourage guests to purchase a larger size before they order. With other electronic displays around the restaurant, you can show off your range of delicious desserts. That will have customers rethinking their plans to leave as soon as they finish their meal.

With the ability to change your daily specials in just a few moments, this can help you cut costs such as printing and labor. Everything will be up-to-the-minute with just a few clicks. If you have a set of specials that change daily you can even set up your digital menu software to change the display boards automatically. This means no worries about forgetting to change things up before you open.

6. Build Community with a Digital Bulletin Board

Social media is one way to use your signage to connect with customers, especially those under the age of thirty. However, you can also utilize indoor and outdoor signage to connect with your community in other ways as well.

Encouraging customers to share reviews, tips about their secret ice cream combo, or favorite special of the week will keep people in the know about what others in their community love about your restaurant.

Your signage can also promote local events or charities with which your restaurant is involved. You can even sell advertising space on your board to boost your community engagement and your income.

7. Live TV Entertainment

With more families cutting the cord on live TV, it leaves them searching for a place to see the live events and news they want. Using NexSigns digital signage, you can have LiveTV that works with all of the other electronic signboard functions. With the Infinity Zone feature, you do not have to sacrifice other features while streaming live TV. You can also incorporate live TV source from your local cable TV providers.

8. Show Off Your Brand Personality

Your restaurant’s theme and personality are part of what makes you popular in your community. By using your electronic screens, you can enforce your brand with your customer base.

Show off your staff member of the month and their favorite menu item. Put up stories and facts about the local businesses that you work with and support. While customers are waiting have them guess trivia about the restaurant or other local facts.

Rotating menus on digital signage to show branding

Your digital screens can reinforce the brand that you are already building through your social media, advertisements, and decor. With digital signage, you can take advantage of both photos and videos. This is something that traditional signage cannot offer you.

In summary, by using your digital signage to promote your restaurant and staff, you will be showing off the human element of your business to connect with your customers.

9. Say Goodbye to Out of Date Content

Daily specials are a great way to utilize your restaurant signage. As previously discussed, it is easy to update your daily menu to reflect what you are offering. However, consider the ability to be able to enhance your customer’s experience by recommending items that are relevant to the time of the day.

Expand beyond breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Show off your drinks or happy hour specials in the afternoons. Let customers know about your late-night dessert items that will satisfy their sweet tooth.

Great content comes with time of practice

The Scheduled Publishing allows you to schedule your content to keep your menu board fresh. You can change your offerings based on the time of the day or the day of the week with some of the available settings. This makes it easy to showcase your seasonal options as well.

Using Date Range Filter means that you do not have to worry about someone on staff forgetting to change the displays or putting up the wrong price, special, or a spelling mistake. So, with your NexSign digital display, you can provide pre-set menus, item rotation, and targeted offer content on defined dayparts.

10. Improve Employee Communications

Nevertheless, digital signage is fantastic beyond the front of the store. By having digital signs in employee areas you can share up-to-date company information and productivity stats. This way, the digital display system helps to keep employees informed on company news and policies.

You can also use digital signs in the kitchen. They can help your employees communicate better to ensure quick service and accurate orders.

11. Outdoor Display Options

Having a digital display option designed for permanent outdoor use can help you attract more customers. Outdoor displays have exceptional visibility in both daytime and nighttime conditions. Besides, display boards are sealed to protect from weather conditions, dust, dirt, and insects. Their rugged design is made with vandal-resistant glass to protect your investment and allow you to use your outdoor signage in many applications.

Awesome Restaurant Digital Signage: Conclusion

Having electronic signs for your restaurant is almost mandatory in this digital age. Now, with these tips, you should be able to maximize the flexibility of your display board and incorporate your company’s personality and unique offerings.

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