9 Simple Ways to Launch Seasonal Marketing Strategies in Retail Stores

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Off-season sales, running trends, using branding influences. Learn about the 9 simples ways in quick starting your retail seasonal marketing.

Most of the regions around the globe are blessed to have all four seasons. But is it any good for marketers, business professionals, and brand owners? The answer to this is YES! In this article, let’s talk about seasonal marketing.

Retail professionals prefer to open their stores or let alone the flagship store at such gifted places. These kinds of areas allow them to produce diverse products. All they require is a genius mind who can guide them with the strategies they can implement to make the most out of it.

Seasonal marketing has become so much easier over the years with the invention of digital signage. Marketers and retail professionals can market and promote their retail businesses with retail digital displays. It has become instrumental when it comes to in-store advertising and timely marketing experience.

Here are many seasonal marketing strategies that one can execute and get the benefit out of the season.

1. Creativity is the Key

It is preferred by the generation to look unique all the time in this digital age. So be creative, innovative, and wild with the ideas. Start the crucial brainstorming at least three months before the launch. Make, edit, and then produce. Make sure that the population should love your product. If not, make the necessary additions before time so that by the time it finally comes out, it makes a frenzy among people. And you make the most profit.

Introduce some creative tactics like ‘design your dress’ to encourage people to make the kind of dress they want for the season. For this purpose, retail digital signage displays can be used.

People can visit your stores, make a graphic version of their dress, and then upload it on the website, making it in the industry. The best designer should be rewarded. This will attract more and more customers to get a lot of engagement.

2. Off-season Sales

Off-season sales come out as a plus point for selling all those leftover products. By the end of the season and with the start of the new season, people stop their purchases because they no longer feel the need to use that product anymore. Relatively less income comes out in those months.

In such cases, retailers should put the products under sale at a price a little less than the original one. When their favorite product, they have been longing to get but could not because the pricing comes under the ‘Sale’ tagline. They get excited and end up making impulsive purchases for the coming year.

Digital signage display is a complete solution no matter if you want to use it for sales promotion or future updates. Digital screens can be displayed in the shop for the required illumination flashing that ‘Up to 30 percent off’ card to attract more clients.

3. RUN With the Trend

Stores that do not have a specific theme of their product line have the opportunity to run with the trend. Seasonal marketing is what their brands live for. By seasonal, I do not mean only temperature ups and downs but events like Christmas, national days, official holidays, and festivals.

You can use digital signage for branding purposes. You can display your ads all over the city with minimal effort. Without spending a penny on printing and distribution of banners. Within minutes of the launch, people can effortlessly know about it because they cannot stop themselves from looking at those fluorescent screens exhibiting eye-catchy colors.

4. Less Initial Production

Small brands fear loss. They can use the strategy of producing less at first. Digital signage operates based on pure analytics; they provide forecasts for user interest. If it’s sold out within a few weeks, then you can produce more stock.

This implants the impression on the peoples’ mind that this product is in their hot-selling so there must be something good about it. It will encourage them to make a purchase.

Later you can sell that product by giving them the opportunity of booking in advance for the new stock. It will guide you with the idea to produce how many articles next.

You can install digital screens for fast sales growth. Customers can get access to your website through touch signage screens and book their favorite articles in advance.

5. Branding Influences Purchase Decisions

The fifth seasonal marketing strategy is the quality of an advertisement. A good ad converts easily, so make sure your ad is appealing to the audience. It can make or break your net profit.

An ad filmed at beautiful locations with soothing yet catchy music can compel people to leave what they are doing and pay heed to the screens. Their attention should be your goal. Signage screens can beautifully display your advertisement. They show the video with maximum graphics at ultra-high-definition. You can see all the vibrant colors of your ad on the screen. They can catch hundreds of eyes on roundabouts and inside your stores daily.

6. Strategic Campaigns

Win customers’ hearts by introducing heartwarming campaigns for the promotion of your launched collection. For example, if you have a clothing store say something like ‘this year, we believe in sustainable clothing, that is why we have made this entire collection with old torn and damaged clothes.’ It will give the brand a soft corner in people’s hearts.

Similarly, introduce something like a ‘wall of kindness’ in your outlets where people can come and hang/donate old clothes. Later the brand can give them to the needy after doing the necessary alterations.

In this way, you can stay on signage screens throughout the season even if you do not have something new released. People would not forget to visit your store after making their start of season purchases. A visit to your store for donation can compel them to buy something new for them as well.

7. Activities

Introduce different activities that include your retail branding. A menu exhibiting short games in the waiting area on your retail signage display can engage people.

Before they can play games for recreational purposes, they should be required to sign up while waiting for their vehicle. By signing up, they can give you their email address. You can use it for seasonal specials’ promotion by sending updates regarding your seasonal product launch dates and much more.

8. Public Service Messages

You can also display different public service messages on signage boards displayed in different city areas regarding the weather and precautionary measures to stay safe from catching a cold on Christmas evening or getting a sunburn at a summer festival. These kinds of messages will make people feel connected to your brand and generate more engagement.

9. Offer Free Rewards

Who does not like free rewards? A brand should offer rewards to their customers on every purchase they make to encourage them to make more purchases to get the free coupon at the end of the season. It will increase the sale. Digital signage works for both; indoor display and outdoor display. It’s a one-stop-shop, with more engagement among people.

Seasonal Marketing: Final Words

There are many ways to get creative with seasonal retail events and drive more engagement and sales from visitors and returning customers. Make the most of the season and customize messages, offers, incentives, and more to the season. The results might surprise you!

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