Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it’s really easy to install! Simply plug the Nano-PC 2 device into any HDTV, and it transforms into a premium-level digital signage system designed for your business.
You can always contact our tech support team to walk you through how to install it.
Yes, all of our products include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
It’s an online platform that enables you to make changes to your digital signage from anywhere, anytime through your favorite browser.
You can control unlimited locations from a single OnePass.
The system will update automatically when there is a new update, so there is no action required and no hassle from your end.
They’re stored in the Kuusoft data center with high security encryption.
If you need to contact Kuusoft team for advice, you will speak to your dedicated account representative in our Canada office. We’re always on hand via phone, email and live chat.


While we encourage every client to use a commercial television, these days over the counter residential televisions can easily be used to achieve your digital signage potential with remarkable results. If you plan on using your screens 24/7, then a commercial grade is probably your best bet!
It supports 720p, 1080p, and 4K TVs.
Technically, you can put up to 223 in a single location.


Video, image, website, social media and more.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube and more.
We strongly recommend that you work with a professional designer company like Kuusoft, or you are also welcome to work with a designer who is proficient and experienced with digital signage content creation.
You can certainly create and use your own design, or you can use the existing template. The choice is yours.
No. Any editable templates are created by our team since specific coding is required to make it happen. Please consult your account representative for more details.
You could find the design specifications on our wiki page.

Make Changes

Yes, all changes must be made on OnePass.
Yes, but it’s not recommended to make major changes this way.
No. There is absolutely no coding required.

Internet Connection

Yes, you do need Internet access for NexSigns digital signage to work.
Most modern Internet service providers should be compatible.
NexSigns is built with Internet fault tolerant in mind. Your digital signage will be functional until you reboot the device.
No. Internet is required for changes to be pushed from cloud to TV.


There is no shipping charge for the US and Canada.
Upon order completion, we will ship the package in 3-5 business days.
Can’t find what you need? Our NexSigns digital signage specialist team is here.
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